Greater Dimensions Community Fellowship COGIC endeavors to transform lives with God's Love, through Christ's compassion, by the Holy Spirit so that one realizes God's love, acceptance, forgiveness, and unmerited favor (Grace) in their lives, so that one's life will be lived with, and on purpose as God intended.


We will live into our vision by...

Reaching out to those that don't know Christ.
Teaching discipleship to the believer in Christ.
Engaging the community with Christ's compassion and concern.

How the Mission will be implemented

Greater Dimensions Community Fellowship COGIC will carry out its mission by the following:

Introducing the gospel by friendship, sharing, and caring to a hurting world that needs to know about Christ so that the seeker of Christ will come to faith in him unto salvation;

Teaching and equipping the believer to follow the example of Jesus Christ and to demonstrate his love and compassion in discipleship;

Reaching out, and in to the community, through ministries and programs that seek to meet spiritual and material needs in order to be about God's mission and the Church's commission.