Hospitality Ministry

There are eight (8) main areas of service that comprise the Hospitality Ministry at Greater Dimensions Community Fellowship.

All together we will serve you as team in order to create a "welcoming" atmosphere. Our purpose for inviting you as our guests is to "Come to Connect" so that you can "Stay to Belong." Members of our Hospitality Team will probably be, the first people you, our guests, will encounter in the process of finding your way into the community life of GDCF. This is both a great challenge and a great responsibility, because we understand you, our guests, will be forming opinions about who we are as a church body from the moment you pull into our parking lot.

Our desire as members of the Hospitality Ministry is to serve you with excellence. We believe that the way we care for people is a reflection of the way our Christ cares for them. We are here to help you grow in your faith so that your life glories God. We believe every significant relationship starts with a sense of being welcomed and accepted. And because everyone is important to God, you are important to us as well.

If you would like more information about the Hospitality Ministry at GDCF, please email us